Our dear friend and partner in REUNION, Virginia MacLean died from complications from her Multiple Myeloma on June 4, 2007. Virginia was not only the inspiration for this project, but an active participant in every facet. It was her wish that we continue the mission of raising funds for IMBCR and bringing hope to others.

On this page you will read and hear Virginia's own words as she describes her life and her outlook in battling this disease as we launched this site in February 2007.

Virginia's Story

"Cancer can cause my death, but it can only take my life if I give it that."

A few weeks before my 40th birthday I was doing great. I was in the best shape of my life, ironically because I was raising funds for cancer research by participating in triathlons and other endurance events. My career was on a great path at a company I loved. I had a beautiful home, a great family and many friends.

Then I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It is a hard shift from feeling fine one day to hearing you have 3-5 years to live the next. It very quickly became clear to me that I had a decision to make about how to live my life.

I decided: Cancer can cause my death, but it can only take my life if I give it that.

Read more about my experience and progress at www.4lifeblog.org and click on the video for a sneak preview of my upcoming documentary.

DONATE NOW - Your donations directly to IMBCR make a difference! The clock is ticking for me. IMBCR’s research has lead to a therapy which is controlling my disease for now when all other typical myeloma treatments failed. Help Dr. Berenson stay a step ahead of my disease by funding continued research.